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The Banner Visits Northfield

May 9, 2008

Thanks to Griff Wigley for following the Sesqui Banner as it makes the rounds in Northfield. The banner will be in Northfield today and Saturday (May 10).

That banner is really getting around!

Sesqui Banner in McGregor

April 7, 2008

Thanks to Jim Weikum for the update on the Sesqui Banner…

…the banner tour is going well. I particularly like this photo taken at McGregor Thursday, April 3rd. Love the blue sky!  

Sesqui Banner in East Central Library

March 17, 2008

Thanks a million to Jim Weikum for the update on the Sesqui Banner…

East Central Library

Community Services Coordinator, Vickie Sorn, is shown with the Minnesota Sesquicentennial banner that will be traveling to all 14 branches of ECRL during the months of March, April and May. You can see more here.


Banner in Bovey & Grand Rapids

December 1, 2007

Thanks to Jim Weikum for sending us an update on the Sesquicentennial Banner:
The most recent stop on the banner’s tour through northeastern Minnesota was at the Bovey Public Library. One of Bovey’s claims to fame is being the home of the photograph “Grace“. 


The two photos above are of the banner with the Bovey city council (and other citizens) and the banner hanging in front of Bovey City Hall.

The banner and journal are now on their way to the Grand Rapids Are Library, with Grand Rapids being the birthplace of Judy Garland. You can learn more about the stop in Grand Rapids here.

Cloquet Banner Pictures

October 22, 2007

Thanks to Jim Weikum for sending pictures from the Banner’s visit to Cloquet.


Sesqui Banner in Cloquet

October 21, 2007

Thanks to Jim Weikum for sending us an update on the Sesquicentennial Banner. The Banner is currently residing Cloquet Public Library. The Pine Journal recently ran a nice article describing the banner and its visit.

The Sesqui Banner Joins the Mountain Iron Parade

July 6, 2007

Thanks to Arrowhead Library System Director Jim Weikum for sending the following update on the Sesquicentennial Banner…

The Sesquicentennial banner appeared on the Wednesday, July 3 in the Mountain Iron Fourth of July parade. The banner is currently on display in the Mountain Iron Public Library where it was also presented by library director Sally Peterangelo at the Library’s Tuesday Tea.

Banner in Mountain Iron MN

Sesquicentennial Banner Addition

June 5, 2007


The folks at Arrowhead Library System are lucky enough to have a graphic artist on staff who created a companion table tent for the Sesqui Banner that invites visitors to sign the Sesqui Journal.

They were also generous to send us an electronic copy to share with others who host the Banner:  Banner Signature Table Tent.

Thanks ALS!

Sesqui Banner at Mesabi East High School

May 29, 2007

Mesabi East High SchoolThanks to Jim Weikum for the most recent update on the Sesquicentennial Banner:

The photograph was taken on Friday, May 25 at the Mesabi East High School in Aurora, MN. In the picture, from left to right is Mr. Arnie Nellis who teaches, among other things, a course in Minnesota and Iron Range history; in the middle of the photo is student Dana Koponen and on the right is student Stephanie Rodgers. Both students are members of Senior Class at Mesabi East.

Banner & Journal #2 have now moved on to the Aurora Public Library.

Sesquicentennial Banner in Biwabik & Aurora

May 26, 2007

Banner in BiwabikAs part of its journey through northeastern Minnesota, on Thursday, May 24, Minnesota Sesquicentennial Banner #2 was presented at a meeting of the Biwabik City Council. At right is a photograph taken at the event. The people in the photos are, from left to right: Councilor Dan Berg, Mayor Michele Woods, Councilor Jim Weikum, Councilor Roger Licari.

This morning, Banner #2 is supposed to make a brief visit to the Mesabi East High School in Aurora, MN. The banner & journal will be presented to Mr. Nellis, the instructor for a course in Minnesota & Iron Range history. Later in the day, Banner #2 moves on to the Aurora Public Library for a visit.