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October 28

October 28, 2008

Record snowfall hits Minnesota! Snowflakes were sighted across central and parts of southern Minnesota on October 28. The effect of the still warm waters of Lake Superior were observed with a drive up Highway 1 in Lake County that morning. Near the lake there was virtually no snow on the ground. The ground was white about .7 miles inland off of Highway 1. At Wolf Ridge, with an elevation of about 1280 feet, 2.3 miles inland, there were 3.4 inches of the white stuff on the ground. Finally, at Lax Lake, with an elevation about 1300 feet, 5 miles from Lake Superior, there was a hefty 5.6 inches on the ground. That changed records all across Minnesota. A special “thank-you” goes out to Peter Harris of the Wolf-Ridge Environmental Learning Center for this information.

Thanks to Mr. Gunderson’s 6th grade class at Virginia-Roosevelt Elementary School for the research on October’s Day in History.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s Learn and Serve America Service Learning Program for their help.