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October 10 1918

October 10, 2008

A forest fire began in Northeastern-Minnesota, starting on the railroad line between Duluth and Hibbing that burned for three days was a massive fire in Northern-Minnesota, Caused by sparks on the local railroads and dry conditions. The fire left much of western Carlton County devastated, mostly affecting Moose Lake, Cloquet, and Kettle River; it was the worst natural disaster in Minnesota in terms of the number of lives lost in a single day.

The days of October 10th-12th, 1918 will be remembered as the days that the state if Minnesota suffered it’s greatest loss of life and property from a natural disaster. With 453 people dead, 52,000 homes destroyed, and 38 small communities reduced to ashes.

Thanks to Mr. Gunderson’s 6th grade class at Virginia-Roosevelt Elementary School for the research on October’s Day in History.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s Learn and Serve America Service Learning Program for their help.