October 7, 2002

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities launches efforts to expand access, learning options, community and economic development.

Chancellor James McCormick said the publication of the new three-year strategic plan, Designing the Future, will help build public awareness of the goals to increase access, expand learning options, strengthen community development and economic vitality, and fully coordinate the 34 institutions.” We want Minnesota residents to know how their state colleges and universities will strategically focus efforts to expand access and quality, while maintaining efficiency,” McCormick said.” Broad public input helped develop our plan, which holds us accountable for using taxpayer funds wisely as we implement improvements in programs, facilities and services to benefit students, communities and the state.”

Thanks to Mr. Gunderson’s 6th grade class at Virginia-Roosevelt Elementary School for the research on October’s Day in History.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s Learn and Serve America Service Learning Program for their help.

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