May is American Indian Month in Minnesota

May is indeed American Indian Month in Minnesota. The Minnesota Sesquicentennial wanted to honor American Indians and American Indian history in Minnesota. We have done that with an essay on the Sesquicentennial web site that recognizes and remembers the history.

The Sesquicentennial has also started a blog entitled, Native American Minnesota: A journey of learning and understanding. Please take a moment to check it out.

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2 Comments on “May is American Indian Month in Minnesota”

  1. Can you answer this question, please? I have looked in my World Enclycopedia and Microsoft Encarta without results.
    What is the name of the area northwest of the Lake of the Woods, which lies north of the 49th parallel? I heard a name on the History Channel, when they aired the program “the States”, but do not remember it.
    Thank you very much.
    San Diego County CA

  2. Ann Treacy Says:


    I have to give credit to Sesqui Director Jane Leonard for knowing this one of the top of her head… it’s the Northwest Angle. You can learn more on Wikipedia:

    Jane knows and loves Minnesota more than anyone I have ever met!

    Thanks for a fun, challenging question! Ann

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