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Sesqui Banner in East Central Library

March 17, 2008

Thanks a million to Jim Weikum for the update on the Sesqui Banner…

East Central Library

Community Services Coordinator, Vickie Sorn, is shown with the Minnesota Sesquicentennial banner that will be traveling to all 14 branches of ECRL during the months of March, April and May. You can see more here.


March 17, 1851

March 17, 2008

St. Paul hosts the state’s first St. Patrick’s Day parade. Although Irish immigration to St. Paul would not peak until 1890, many Irish had already settled in town, working both as household servants and as laborers on the docks of the Upper Landing.

Thanks to Palma Wright’s, Louis Lauer’s and Lynn Johnson’s classes at Moorhead Public Schools for the research on March’s Day in History.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s Learn and Serve America Service Learning Program for their help.