January 28, 1891

When Ojibwe Indians assemble for a ghost dance a rumor spreads of an uprising at Lake of the Woods. Many white settlers flee the Roseau Valley.

Thanks to Miss Gesme’s class at Cornelia Elementary in Edina for the research on January’s Day in History.

Thanks also to Minnesota’s Learn and Serve America Service Learning Program for their help.

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3 Comments on “January 28, 1891”

  1. Teresa Wakonabo Says:

    I wonder where this information came from. Would it be possible to get that information or speak with someone about this entry. Thank you, I am enjoying this website.

  2. Ann Treacy Says:


    I will email my contact with the schools about your question. I don’t know whether the teacher will know the resource or even if the grade school student would remember, since the assignment was months ago. But I’ll see what I can find and will report again if I do get more info.

    Thanks! Ann

  3. Ann Treacy Says:


    I was able to get more info:

    Our students used this site and then picked an event that interested them: http://events.mnhs.org/bookofdays/index.cfm

    Here is a little more information: http://events.mnhs.org/timepieces/EventDetail.cfm?EventID=2000031

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