So you think you’re a Minnesotan? Top 150 things to do in MN, 11-20

We are getting down to the last activities to participate in; make sure you take advantage of this great State and do one of these activities this week! The cold weather brings more opportunity for us to have fun in Minnesota!


20. Since Thanksgiving is over, its time to set up the Christmas tree; spend time with the children while decorating it!
19. Instead of fighting the crowd at the malls; cuddle up by the fire and watch your favorite Holiday movie.
18. Since some counties have had a few snow falls, be sure to attempt to build a snowman, at least one time this winter.
17. Visit a local ski, tube and snowboard hill, such as Buck Hill and try at least one of the activities.
16. Get tickets to a local Holiday show, the music is sure to get you in the Holiday mood!
15. Once the lakes freeze solid, drill a hole in the ice and go ice fishing.
14. Get some of your buddies together and go snowmobiling….make sure you wear a helmet!
13. Watch Christmas Vacation with friends or family; its sure to keep you laughing for hours
12. Round up some friends to Christmas carol with!
11. Make home made egg-nog

posted by: Laura Baratto, MN Sesquicentennial Fellow

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