County of the week-Douglas County


Douglas County, Minnesota: 

Founded: It was founded it the year 1858-The first year Minnesota became a state
• Named for Senator Stephen A. Douglas, who aided in the county’s establishment
• Alexandria and Osakis Township were established at the very first meeting
• All the county’s land was claimed by 1869, mainly by European immigrants
• The County is well known for the Kensington Runestone, man believe that it’s a record of Viking explorer visits in the 14th century
• The Runestone if on display at the Runestone museum in Alexandria

Population: There are about 35,500 people who call Douglas County their home

• Alexandria
• Brandon
• Carlos
• Evansville
• Forada
• Garfield
• Kensington
• Millerville
• Milton
• Nelson
• Osakis

Area: 720 sq. miles

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Information gathered by Laura Baratto, Sesquicentennial Fellow

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4 Comments on “County of the week-Douglas County”

  1. Just went to this website today, noticed the County of the Week. Have you highlighted Benton County yet? If so, is it possible to see info for Benton County? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

  2. Ann Treacy Says:

    Thank you for your question. It inspired me to add a search feature on the blog.

    We did highlight Benton County. You can see the article here:

    Please feel free to add any of your own suggestions or additions to the list. It’s great to get help from a local insider.

  3. I heard the bit on WCCO radio & checked out your website. I see you are listing a county of the week. Is there any way to post all of the counties websites as you offer them so new visitors can click on them and read up on the counties you previously covered? I just found your website & love to read up on the history of our state. Love the website!

  4. Ann Treacy Says:


    Great suggestion. I have added categories to the blog, including County Profiles. If you click on that you will be able to see all of the past profiles.

    Thanks! Ann

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