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County of the week-Douglas County

September 12, 2007


Douglas County, Minnesota: 

Founded: It was founded it the year 1858-The first year Minnesota became a state
• Named for Senator Stephen A. Douglas, who aided in the county’s establishment
• Alexandria and Osakis Township were established at the very first meeting
• All the county’s land was claimed by 1869, mainly by European immigrants
• The County is well known for the Kensington Runestone, man believe that it’s a record of Viking explorer visits in the 14th century
• The Runestone if on display at the Runestone museum in Alexandria

Population: There are about 35,500 people who call Douglas County their home

• Alexandria
• Brandon
• Carlos
• Evansville
• Forada
• Garfield
• Kensington
• Millerville
• Milton
• Nelson
• Osakis

Area: 720 sq. miles

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Information gathered by Laura Baratto, Sesquicentennial Fellow