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So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

September 2, 2007

As the State fair comes to an end, we hope you had a chance to get over there and experience the great Minnesota get together! Not only is the fair ending, but summer is wrapping up as well. Here are some activities to check out as we enter the fall season!


70. Sneak in a day on the lake one last time before the fall jackets come out
69. Check out one of the many local apple orchards, and see who can eat the most apples
68. Experience the Renaissance festival
67. Go shopping at the HUGE Mall of America on a rainy afternoon….make sure you set aside enough time to walk around
66. While at the Mall of America check out underwater world
65. Take a day trip to Stillwater, MN the first city in Minnesota
64. Warm up with a bonfire and smores on a cool night
63. Pack a lunch and have a picnic at one of the many local parks
62. Catch a new flick at one of the many movie theaters around Minnesota
61. Take a tour of the beautiful State Capitol in St. Paul