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So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

August 24, 2007

It’s been crazy over at the Sesquicentennial office since the start of the fair! Here are more things to do in Minnesota, all at the state fair! Be sure to get over to the state fair ground sometime during the twelve days of fun!

80. Go to the state fair located between St. Paul and Minneapolis
79. Check out the Minnesota Sesquicentennial state fair booth, and be sure to get there early enough to get our Sesqui-giveaway for the day!!

78. See whats going on at 4H! Check out their exhibit!
77. Visit the agriculture building and see the MN county special highlights each day!
76. See the baby animals at the Miracle birth center
75. Enjoy an ice cold MN state beverage (milk), only $1 for all you can drink
74. Whatever it may be, get something on a stick
73. Learn how many MN colleges there are in the education building
72. Enjoy one of the FREE concerts at the Leinie lodge bandshell!
71. Learn about Minnesota’s environment by going to the progress center eco experience