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• It became the 83rd county in Minnesota on December 20, 1902
• The name “Clearwater” comes from the Ojibwe word “gawakomitgweia”
• The county is the home to the Mississippi river, which lies inside of Itasca state park

• about 8,500 people reside in Clearwater county

• Bagley
• Clearbrook
• Clearwater
• Elbow Lake
• Gonvick
• Leonard
• Shevlin
• Portions of the Red Lake and White Earth Indian reservations

Events and things to do:
• Clearwater Historical society October 3, 2007
• Key Ingredients: America by food in Shevlin MN
• Visit the Clearwater RV park

Information gathered by: Laura Baratto

Thanks to for providing the information

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4 Comments on “County of the week”

  1. tamara edevold Says:

    Key ingredients is not a part of the 2007 events at the Clearwater county Historical Society. (that was last year) this year we are looking at Clearwater County during World War One and the years of 1917-1919.

    Clearwater and Elbow lake are not in Clearwater County. Although there is a Clearwater Lake.

  2. Ann Treacy Says:


    Thanks a million for the update! Ann

  3. JC Wills Says:

    The Minnesota Historical Society has a great web site called Place Names that tells how counties, cities, lakes, etc got their names. You should link to it from the blog entries about counties.

  4. Ann Treacy Says:


    Good idea. Here’s a link to the site you mention:

    I love the site! I think that the origin of place names is so interesting. Thanks for telling us about the site.

    I’m a St Paul native and a big fan of Donald Empson’s book “The Street Where you Live” – it gives the history of street names:

    Thanks! Ann

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