County of the week


Blue Earth County
• Founded March 5, 1853
Location and Major towns:
• Located in southern Minnesota
• Top 5 are:
o German
o Norwegian
o Irish
o English
o Swedish
• Blue Earth became home to many different ethnic immigrants and Yankee settlers.
• Cities: Amboy, Cambria, Eagle Lake, Garden City, Good Thunder, Judson, Lake Crystal, Madison Lake, Mankato, Mapleton, Minnesota Lake, North Mankato, Pemberton, Skyline, St. Clair, Vernon Center

• 55,941
Fun fact:
• “Blue Earth” is a translation of the Dakota Indian word “mahkato” meaning bluish green earth.
• Mankato was actually supposed to be spelled “mahkato”, but there was a spelling error

Upcoming events:
• Blue Earth County Fair is coming up on August 2-5
• For a complete list of events visit

Thanks to the Blue Earth County Website for the information!

Information gathered by Eric Anunobi, Sesquicentennial Fellow

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