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So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

July 24, 2007

Minnesota is full of things to do! Here are ten more exciting activities to partake in during the warm summer days and cool summer nights in Minnesota!


120. Visit Judy Garland’s (Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz) birth place in Grand Rapids
119. Sit and listen to a rainstorm with loved ones
118. Dine at Mickey’s diner in St. Paul
117. Tour the science museum, where there’s always a new and exciting exhibit
116. Spend a day at Lake Nokomis in St. Paul
115. Visit the Iron range and see where the largest percentage of iron ore is produced
114. Explore Bob Dylan’s hometown of Hibbing, MN
113. Jog, bike, walk, or rollerblade around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis
112. See the Mississippi Melodie showboat performance in Grand Rapids
111. Spend a day learning about the animals at the famous Como Zoo

posted by: Laura Baratto on July 24, 2007