So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

150 things to do in Minnesota


 Thanks to those of you who added one of your own favorite activities in Minnesota. Here are another ten, be sure to try at least one of them this week or weekend!

130. Four wheel up in the Iron Range
129. See if you can catch a walleye on one of the 10,000 lakes
128. Get a taste of the SPAM museum in Austin
127. Take a tour of the Minnesota State capitol
126. See a production at the Guthrie theatre
125. Visit the Mall of America
124. Set up a slip n’ slide on a hot summer day and spend hours sliding through it
123. Rope swing into the lake in the summertime
122. Visit International falls….where it is only 60 degrees in the summer!
121. Attend WE fest up by Detroit lakes, and experience a weekend of camping and country music!

posted by: Laura Baratto July 19, 2007

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4 Comments on “So you think you’re a Minnesotan?”

  1. brian carlson Says:

    things to do in Minnesota (add to list)

    Visit Mississippi Melodie Showboat performance in Grand Rapids the last three weekends in July

    also, visit Judy Garland’s birthhome in Grand Rapids and the Children’s Museum

  2. brian carlson Says:

    I like the list and have been to most

  3. Absolutely, visit the museum, the showboat performances – and help us find the Ruby Slippers!!

    Yes, I’m also from Grand Rapids.

    Also add to the list – drive 90 miles each way to a horseback riding lesson. Worry about where you’re going to ride during the winter…

  4. And yes, I love the list!

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