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So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

July 9, 2007


 We hope you tried at least one of the ten activities that were given last week! Here are 10 more things to make sure that you are enjoying the warm days and cool nights that we have here in Minnesota.

140. Explore the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, the beautiful artworks and architecture
139. Check out any of the 87 county fairs
138. Go sailing on Lake Superior
137. Go strawberry picking on a warm summer afternoon
136. Visit one of the many farms and milk a cow
135. Lay on the dock on a warm summer night and count the stars
134. Hike on one of the many trails in Minnesota
133. Attend a pot luck, and be sure to enjoy the casseroles
132. Explore the beginning of the Mississippi river
131. Purchase fresh corn and tomatoes from a roadside farmer’s market

Feel free to send in any activities that you enjoy doing in Minnesota!

Posted by: Laura Baratto on July 9, 2007