Announcing: Counties of the Week

Part of what makes our state so special is the many diverse and unique areas of the state. So, as part of Minnesota’s 150th birthday celebration, we’ll be taking a look at each of the 87 counties in Minnesota: at their histories, heritage, culture, celebrations and people.
We want to know what makes your part of Minnesota special! If you know of any celebrations, county fairs, or special things you’re known for (or little-known interesting facts), email us at and we’ll include it when we feature your county. We’ll also post your events on our official Minnesota Sesquicentennial events calendar on this website.
Written by Megan Jung, Minnesota Sesquicentennial Fellow

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One Comment on “Announcing: Counties of the Week”

  1. Trish Lewis Says:

    Kittson County is an amazing county. It has the oldest european settlement that came down from the now Canadian side to make missions and fur trading posts back to the early 1700’s with some explorers arriving even before that. It was the cradle of the Metis nation, and saw thousands flood through for settling the region and even further west. The Red River of the North and the railroads that were built provided the transportation that took the bounty of the land back east when the homesteaders began farming the rich land.

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