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So you think you’re a Minnesotan?

June 27, 2007


The beautiful State of Minnesota is known for its bodies of water, friendly communities, great outdoors, and long winters. The young Minnesota Sesquicentennial fellows came up with a list of 150 things to do in Minnesota. Each week 10 activities will be posted; here are the first ten things on our list custom tailored for summertime in Minnesota:

150. Cliff jump Taylor’s falls
149. Participate in tubing, jet skiing, water skiing or wakeboarding at one of 10,000 lakes in Minnesota
148. Jump out of a plane with one of Minnesota’s sky diving companies and experience the breathtaking view and fall!
147. Canoe down the boundary waters
146. Experience a “weekend at the cabin” and be sure to enjoy a bonfire
145. Take part in any of the small town festivities, whether it is Leprechaun days in Rosemount, or Corn on the cob days in Plainview
144. Indulge in the State drink (milk) and compete with friends to see who can drink the most in a half hour…its near impossible
143. Take part in the Twin Cities marathon…either by running in it or cheering from the sidelines
142. Take a stroll down Grand Ave. and Summit Ave. and admire the beautiful architecture
141. Take time in the summer to grill a bratwurst and enjoy a beverage from one of our local microbreweries.