Hire a Reenactor

reenactorsI just learned about a couple of resources that will help you celebrate your historical event or sesquicentennial:

  • Shadows of the Old West travels across America performing reenactments and wild west shows, with or without livestock, and portrays a wide variety of historical personas and old west characters.
  • Midwest Mounted Reenactors brings cowboys and horses to your events or films. Actors are trained and ready to go. Sesquicentennials are their specialties.

I had an opportunity to email with Carrie Preston from the organizations. I hope she doesn’t mind but I’m going to share her experience:

I think one of the best things about performing at these 150th anniversaries is that every performance is different. In Shakopee , Shadows of the Old West will be doing a reenactment of a stagecoach robbery. In Melrose, the Midwest Mounted Reenactors will provide a reenactment on the parade route and stage a scenario after the parade incorporating local names and history. The Midwest Mounted Reenactors will also be part of Murray County’s 150th in July with the reenactment of a courthouse battle. Murray County has actually built a replica of the courthouse for this event!

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